Bring back the best - chicken like it used to taste.

In today's modern and hectic society, too much emphasis is on speedy results and low cost, large scale production, regardless of the impact on animal welfare and the environment. That's why at Packington Free Range we only rear chickens with care, attention with the welfare of the birds always coming first.
Just like generations before us.

Chicken How It Used To Taste

The welfare of our chickens always comes first at Packington Free Range. Not speedy results or low cost farming. Which is why we can say with conviction, that a Packington Free Range chicken will taste how chicken used to taste -full of flavour, succulent and tasty.
  Our farming ethos ensures that nothing is compromised. Our rigorous animal welfare techniques ensure that from one day old to fully-grown we look after our chickens with great care at every stage of their development. Just like the generations before us.

How We Rear Our Chickens

Our chicks arrive on the farm in small groups at just one day old. They are housed in special sheds that have plenty of warm bedding, heating and good ventilation. As the birds grow, the heater is turned down to ensure they become strong and able to adjust to the weather conditions outside.

At about three weeks old, once the birds are strong enough, the shed doors are opened and the birds are free to roam on the range to their heart's content. But in the evening they must be brought in to protect them from night time predators such as fox.

All Packington Free Range Chickens roam free on established English pasture consisting of various grasses and clovers, with strategically placed perches and shelters offering shade, food and water, is the idyllic setting which every Packington Free Range bird experiences in its lifetime. It is wonderful to see the birds roaming free just as nature intended.

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