Packington Free Range - Family
Robert and Alec Mercer are fourth generation farmers. Both have had a lifetime of working knowledge passed down to them from their father, grandfather and great grandfather. And it's this wealth of knowledge that has helped them develop their traditional free range approach to rearing their animals.

The family has farmed in the heart of rural Staffordshire since 1930 and today, the story remains the same - it's still very much a family affair. Like their Great Grandfather before them, who began farming pedigree large white pigs and award-winning dairy herds, Roger Mercer and his two sons, Rob and Alec, have focused their experience and passion to provide low density, environmentally sound and welfare-oriented farms.

The Mercers believe a strong family unit has always been incredibly important to farming communities and that still holds true today. While sons Rob and Alec have created farming methods with traditional origins, Rob's wife and Alec's fiancée help create mouth-watering recipes using Packington Free Range cuts and joints in Pip and Sal's kitchen.

"Leaving a legacy for our children is very important to us," explains Rob. We have been farming these lands for 80 years and we hope to do so for generations to come."

Article taken from The Evening Mail January 26th - 1977

Farmer Alex Mercer admits to being "pig-headed" about Britain's export drive...

...His prize winning pigs are big business and they have been sold to Australia, Africa and Russia and other Iron Curtain countries.

Now 50 year old Mr. Mercer who has a farm at Wynchor Bridges near Lichfield has broken into the Italian market and sold 17 of his famous Harlaston large white pigs. Two six month old boars brought £600 each.
Mr. Mercer who built up his father's herd from 300 to 3,000 animals said; "I do not think there is a major trophy I have not taken. The pig is a very big export earner and there is no doubt that this country leads the world in pig production."

His Harlaston Whites are wanted by breeders throughout the world because it's the oldest established herd in Britain. The Italian connection has also meant export earnings for the Friends of Shugborough Park Farm, near Rugeley. They have sold two red hued pigs, a boar and sow to a breeder in the Reggio Emilia region of Italy.