Why buy Packington Free Range Pork and Chicken?

Did you know that for a beef animal to gain 1kg of meat it needs to eat 8kg of grain equivalents amd for a sheep to gain 1kg of meat it needs 8kg of feed.

In comparison a pig only needs 3kg of food and a chicken 2kg.

In addition, a pig is also a very efficient animal in terms of its meat compared with a cow or sheep - you really can eat "everything but the squeak"

It goes without saying then, that as a nation of meat eaters, living in a country where land to grow the crops to feed these animals is decreasing due to increased population pressures, eating Pork and Poultry enables our nation to produce food in the most efficient manner.



A study carried out by the UK government stated that the world population could increase from 7 billion in 2011, to 8 billion by 2030 and 9 billion by 2050.

The result of this increased population, combined with the fact that people from developing countries are starting to eat more meat as they become more affluent, means the demand for food is set to double in the next 40 years.

Definitely - Food for thought!