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Latest RSBP Survey Results

At Packington, animal welfare is key to everything we do, and as well as ensuring that our pigs, chickens and cockerels are provided with an environment that meets their needs, this care also extends to the wildlife we share the land with.

Over recent years we’ve worked closely with the RSPB, and we would like to share the results of a recent survey that they have carried out on our land.

During their visit, a staggering 70 unique species of bird were found around the farm. The results showed that there were 52 species on the oil seed rape fields and 62 species recorded in a separate area on the meadows. The surveyor was surprised at these figures as she would typically expect to identify around 30 species, and the maximum she’d ever found when carrying out an RSPB survey was 42.

At Packington Free Range, we’re very committed to providing a safe and unspoilt environment for the wildlife attracted to the area, and one of our main aims is to encourage the birds to breed in the higher land before they take to the lower land to feed. By doing so, we’ve been able to increase the number of lapwings in the area and the figures speak for themselves; The RSPB surveyor actually spotted around 50 lapwings during her visit. In addition to this, lots of starlings were identified and over 200 black headed gulls, to name just a few of the species found. We’re very pleased with these results and hope to continue to encourage even more species of wildlife to share the land with us.

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