Packington - Open Farm Sunday

We open our farm at Lichfield, Packington Fields Farm each year for Open Farm Sunday. Open Farm Sunday is an event run by LEAF (Linking environment and Farming) which encourages farmers to show people how we farm our crops, look after our animals and manage the countryside. Each year LEAF set a theme for Open Farm Sunday which means different practices are shown each year.

Here at Packington on the day we offer tractor and trailer rides around the farm which gives you a chance to see the sows and piglets up close and see where the sows live. At the end of the tour there is a chance for you to be shown how to handle a piglet which is always a favourite with children.


In the main field there is always a fabulous BBQ and Hog Roast to be enjoyed. We work together with local businesses and contractors to bring in the Lorries that are used to transport our pigs and feed to site. Sparkling agricultural machinery you can climb inside and see how big they really are and learn about what each machine does. It is wonderful seeing the field so full each year of families enjoying sitting on bales, tractors and enjoying our Pork for lunch.

On average we host 3000 people annually.