We are very passionate about the environment we work in and believe that it is vital to ensure that it is maintained for future generations.

All of our land is in environmental schemes in partnership with Natural England to encourage a wide range of diverse species to flourish. By putting grass margins around our fields we protect the hedges, by planting field corners with wild bird seed and pollen and nectar mixes we encourage and protect the wildlife around us.

Over the past 20 years we have planted over 80,000 trees in our woodlands and converted our pasture land into organic grazing for local Jersey cows, our meadows are also home to some of the rarest species of grass in the midlands.

  We have also worked closely with the RSPB, to increase Lapwing numbers. As a result we have an area of higher land where the birds are encouraged to breed before they then go down to the lower land to feed - we are proud that this work has paid off with Lapwing numbers increasing considerably.

We are very aware that fossil fuels are running out and believe that responsible thing to do is turn to renewable energy to power parts of our farm. Now we have solar panels on our sheds which means that we can harness the suns energy to produce our electricity for our cold store and buildings. As a result we can honestly say that the storage of our meat is now carbon neutral.