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Have you seen our Egg Vending Machines?

We’ve been busy here at Packington HQ, and one project we’ve been working hard on, is designing and planning our two new egg vending machines.

Filled with our beautiful white eggs, the egg vending machines mean you can buy your farm fresh eggs at a time that suits you.

We chose white eggs because they are more environmentally friendly than their brown feathered friend. And, whilst seeming more unusual today, they were common place up until around the seventies, when white was replaced by brown eggs under the misconception that they were healthier and more rustic looking. Read all about our eggs here.

Rest assured, white is most definitely alright! With a deep golden yolk – we’ve been converting customers one egg at a time.

What is an Egg Vending Machine?

The egg vending machines, allow customers to buy their farm fresh eggs at a time that suits them. Day or night, the machines are available 24/7.

Simply pay, a drawer will automatically open, take out your eggs, close the drawer front and you’re away.

With contactless payment, re-stocked weekly, you can be sure you’re getting fresh, free-range eggs at a time that’s convenient to you – meaning no more worrying about shop opening times.

Undoubtedly, shopping convenience has become a higher priority for lots of people, especially with recent Covid times. Consequently, people want easy shopping at times that meant they could avoid crowds. Futhermore, looking at alternative avenues to buy their produce and support small, local business. The egg vending machines beautifully accommodate these, however without compromising on quality nor on price. So, what’s not to love.

Where are they?

In June, we launched our first machine at Hollands Sport & Social Club. Here in Barton-under-Needwood, DE13 8BB.

Packington Free Range Egg Vending machine refilling

And just a week ago, we set up our second machine at Heart of England Shopping Village. Near Lichfield on A38.

Packington Free Range Egg Vending Machine Heart of England

Both vending machines have had a really positive response from customers, for ease, convenience and location – so if you’ve not tried one yet, pop along and have a go.

Packington Free Range Egg Vending Machine