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Building Dreams, One Brick at a Time: The Kids’ Village Charity and the Gift of Land

In the heart of philanthropy lies the power to transform lives, and one organisation that stands out in making a significant impact is the Kids’ Village Charity. This nonprofit entity has been tirelessly working towards creating a haven for sick children & their families – the UK’s first holiday village: Kids’ Village. A place for imagination, enjoying nature together and feeling free from daily challenges of battling a serious illness.

The Kids’ Village Charity:

Kids’ Village will be UK’s first purpose-built holiday village just for sick children and their families to enjoy. There will be 10 4-bedroom lodges & a central facility called “The Hive”. Supporting around 500 families, 4,000 people each year.

The Kids’ Village lodges will be a place where children and their families can come together to relax, create memories, and reconnect with each other and nature – a breath of fresh air! Lodges will be nestled in the English countryside, and even have a sunset view!

Kids' Village - Lodge Kids' Village - Lodge Window

Staying at Kids’ Village will be an escape and total contrast from stressful medical environments.

All lodges will sleep up to 8 people so that the entire family can be supported. At Kids’ Village it’s the kids that will have the big bedroom (for once!). Including a “magic room” for the child who’s sick and a “thank you room” that families can choose to gift to their support system.

All lodges will make families feel special, comfy and relaxed.

Kids' Village - Hive terrace

The Hive:

The Hive is the central facility at Kids’ Village and will provide a hub that supports families throughout their stay. It will be:

  • the place families begin their holiday and check in
  • a café with food and drink, available to families throughout their stay
  • a place for fun activities and events – we’re thinking Christmas every week!
  • a place for families to relax by the water
  • a place to pray or meditate in peace
  • a place for families to meet others like them

The aim is to create ‘magic’ at Kids’ Village, to make stays special and memorable. Some ideas are:

  • Themed parties and there will always be cake!
  • A Willy Wonka never-ending chocolate wall
  • An all year-round ice-cream bike
  • Celebrations every week! Christmas in July, Diwali in March, bringing the joy whatever the weather (or date!)
  • Character visits

All of these examples will be free to families and are to be hosted at The Hive.

The Vision Behind Kids’ Village:

At the core of Kids’ Village Charity is the visionary goal of the Fletcher family. 20 years in the making and following their daughter Sammie’s cancer diagnosis in 2003, then aged 9. Sammie had to deal with hospital stays and found it hard to imagine what ‘normal life’ would look like.

After her last treatment, the family got to live Sammie’s dream and visited ‘Give Kids The World Village’ in Florida. It was the total opposite of being in hospital, everything was about fun, joy and childlike ‘magic’. Indulged in the happiness and time together, all whilst in a safe bubble surrounded by other families in the same situation.

This visit ignited the spark to dream about bringing this type of facility to the UK, somewhere for children to create amazing memories and relax with their families in a special and safe environment and allow them to forget about life in hospital.

The Land Donation:

Kids' Village - Site view

In order to start building Kids’ Village, first, there needs to be a place to build it.

This is where the Mercer family stepped in, donating land to the charity, so the dream can become a reality.

The donation of land not only provides a tangible space for the Kids’ Village but also symbolises a commitment to the future of the children it will serve. This act of generosity sets the stage for construction, development, and, most importantly, the realisation of the charity’s vision.

The impact will reverberate through generations, creating a legacy of compassion, care, and empowerment.

How You Can Contribute:

If you’re inspired by the story of Kids’ Village Charity and the transformative power of donating land, there are various ways you can contribute. Whether through financial donations, volunteering your time and skills, or spreading awareness about the cause, every effort counts. By joining hands with Kids’ Village Charity, you become a part of a movement that is changing the lives of children. Get Involved.


The Kids’ Village Charity’s journey is a testament to the incredible impact that a collective vision and community support can have on creating positive change. The donation of land and planning permission propels them closer to their goal of establishing a haven for sick children, where they can thrive. As we celebrate this milestone, let it serve as a reminder that acts of kindness, no matter how small, have the power to shape a better world for generations to come.

Kids' Village - Hive