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Linking Environment And Farming Award

We’re really proud to report that we’ve recently become a LEAF Marque farmer (Linking Environment and Farming). To secure our status we’ve had the whole farm audited to test we’re acting sustainably whilst still achieving good agricultural output.

LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) promotes sustainable food and farming. They helpfarmers produce good food, with care and to high environmental standards, identified in-storeby the LEAF Marque logo.

LEAF were especially impressed with the use of Bore holes used to water the pigs, and solar panels used to power the cold stores and electric fencing. They also commented that all our fields had a grass margin or wild bird seed mix in it, to help encourage ecological biodiversity. This accreditation compliments the high welfare standards which the farm has become so well known for.

“We’re really pleased and very proud with the certification” Alec Mercer said. “And it proves that we’re working sustainably and that minimising the impact on our environment is always a primary consideration for all our activities”