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The New Bird in Town this Easter

Chicks usually tend to steal the limelight over Easter (8th April 2012), but this year there’s a new bird in town; our Free Range cockerel.

The succulent, moist and flavourful meat of our cockerels is guaranteed by the way we bring them up which sees them spend their entire lives roaming acres of farmland here in rural Staffordshire.

The versatile bird can be cooked in a variety of ways; a simple roast allows the natural flavour of the meat to shine, whilst more adventurous cooks can add an extra twist with pistachio, sage and cream cheese.  For an Easter cockerel, we suggest this simple and seasonal recipe for Pot roasted Cockerel with Chestnut Mushrooms, Baby Sweet Corn & Roasted Banana Shallots.

Larger than Packington Free Range chickens, our cockerels are allowed more time to grow and mature. Reared between 3kg and 7kg, our cockerels will feed up to 15 people, making them the perfect roast to feed the whole family this Easter.