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Tree Planting at Patshull Estate

It’s not just our animals we believe in providing the best for, but also our environment. The new tree planting at our Patshull Estate is one area we’ve been working hard on, and we’re proud to share that we recently planted 30,000 new trees, in just over 2 weeks!

Tree Planting at Patshull Estate Orchard

Why have we planted so many new trees?

The simple answer is – why wouldn’t we? These trees, including a fruit orchard, will add bio-diversity to our environment, encouraging birds, animals and wildlife. They’ll reduce carbon dioxide and help to combat climate change.

Not to mention, that when these trees are established, a walk among trees is said to enhance our mood, reduces stress and improves our mental wellbeing – That’s three huge win’s just there 🌳

As well as planting the trees, we’ve create 1600 metres of new hedgerow and 600m of gapping up hedgerows. These help to create wildlife corridors and food sources for birds and animals in the area.

Hedgerow planting Patshull

Protecting the environment for future generations is incredibly important to us. We believe in farming in a way that increases regeneration and biodiversity, all having a positive impact on the land and on our animals.

Tree planting at our Patshull Estate means that over the last decade we’ve planted over 100,000 new trees across our farms. We strongly believe in doing all we can to protect the environment and secure its success for future generations.

Tree Planting at Patshull Estate