There’s now just two weeks left to place your order for your award-winning Packington Free Range Christmas Cockerel.

Winning the highly coveted 2-star Great Taste Award, these Cockerels are are proving more popular than ever, especially with this years shortages of Turkey, Goose and Duck.

Christmas Cockerel was a popular choice for a Christmas Day dinner until the 16th Century when Turkey was first introduced. With a cheaper price tag and higher meat yield than traditional Turkey, they’re proving popular with the cost-of-living crisis.

Packington Free Range has won numerous industry awards and is recognised by celebrity chefs – ‘The Hairy Bikers’ described Packington Free Range chickens as “some of the happiest in Britain!” whilst ex-River Cottage chef Steve Lamb, has created unique Cockerel recipes for Packington.

This years flocks have spent the majority of their lives outdoors, given large, green pastures to roam, and time to mature. Which is not only best for the animals’ welfare, but it also results in first class meat. Even with the recent government mandated housing order, as the birds are always kept in small flocking numbers. They still have plenty of room to roam, flap their wings and socialise.


“Almost everyone who tastes a Packington Cockerel, comments on the depth of flavour from the meat. We’ve been rearing poultry for years and can tell you this beautiful, delicious depth comes from taking our time. We rear our birds slower and for longer, to develop the exquisite flavour that only comes from a Packington Cockerel.”

With the ability to buy from stockists nationwide, order on the Packington website for delivery or collect from the farm. No matter where you live, you can enjoy your award winning Packington Cockerel on Christmas day.

“We understand that Christmas dinner is the most important meal of your year. That’s why we take extra care in every step, from rearing our Christmas Cockerels from one day old chicks, to hand picking and packing every bird we send out. That’s what makes a Packington Christmas Cockerel so special” – Alec Mercer.

Order now so you don’t miss out – orders close Thursday 16th December, unless sold out earlier. And don’t forget your Packington Pigs in Blankets to complete your festive feast!

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