Has the Christmas Poultry shortage got you in a flap?

With the number of Avian Influenza (e.g. Bird Flu) cases rapidly rising, the number of Turkeys and other poultry available for Christmas is starting to cause concern. Consequently, there’s talk that there will be a national poultry shortage this year.

A recent article in The Times warns of shortages of turkeys and poultry at Christmas for the next two years. With farmers struggling to come to terms with the “armageddon” caused by bird flu in their flocks. More than three million captive birds were culled in the UK in the last year, as a result of the largest outbreak of avian flu on record.

Consequently a nationwide housing order came in to effect today, 7th November, with the aim to protect birds currently unaffected.

Here at Packington Free Range, our Turkeys, Cockerels and Chickens are now housed, to protect them, and your Christmas.

Luckily for our birds, they are always kept in small flocks anyway. So, even though they’re housed, they still have plenty of space to roam, spread their wings and socialise due to their small group numbers.

As always, the welfare of our animals is paramount, Happy & Healthy, always.

You can order your Christmas Turkey or Cockerel here on the website. Don’t leave ordering too late.

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