We recently received a lovely update from the folk at the Patshull Activity Centre and we wanted to share some of their information with you.

We’re very proud of our charity and community work here at Packington, and the Patshull Activity Centre at the Patshull Park estate is a fabulous community venture we’re happy to support.

The first Scout camp on the Patshull estate took place in 1912, you can read our article their story here and their full history here.

Patshull Activity Centre, run by the Scouts, have developed some great facilities, including crate stacking, Jacobs ladder and zip line. As well as a refurbished lake for water activities and renovated club house.

The Activity Centre has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, with 2022 being their best yet! During 2022, they’ve worked with a range of voluntary-based youth organisations, resulting in:

  • 4385 overnight stays (which is an average of 84 each week!)
  • 437 day/evening visitors
  • 2112 participants taking part in their activities

With some quick maths, this tells us that the young people have benefited from about 111,000 hours of no technology! Simply given the chance to enjoy the great outdoors in beautiful and safe surroundings!


This is an amazing feat in itself, but there’s more plans for 2023:

  • Add additional toilets close to camping areas
  • Securing an energy-based grant to install a central heating boiler and insulation to the Barn (classroom). Insulation to the Golf House and upgrading to LED lighting (grant almost secured – waiting confirmation letter)
  • Upgrading the archery and air rifle shooting equipment (grant already secured)
  • To offer new water-based activities including kayaking and raft building
  • A new climbing tower activity

With so many wonderful activities already available and more planned in the future, we’re sure Patshull Activity Centre will continue to thrive and provide great facilities to young people everywhere.

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