Some Fabulous Feedback

Some Fabulous Feedback

We always appreciate feedback, good and bad. But, in trying times such as these, a few positive words from a customer can serve as an even greater boost to morale.

Last week, Alec received the below email from a customer, who is in the process of setting up a new shop. While this no doubt comes with challenges of its own, he felt compelled to get in touch to offer his thanks for the quality of the produce and the service he received from us.

It’s encouraging to see individuals in the butchery and food retail sector continue to strive for success and excellence in the midst of a pandemic.

We’d love to hear how our other customers have adapted and responded to the Covid-19 crisis and what new elements of your business you hope to retain for the future. Email your thoughts to

“Good Morning Alec,

I had my first delivery yesterday and I just wanted to comment on how delighted I was the products which were beautifully presented on very clean trays.

I sampled the ham last night and it was just perfect in every way which I was delighted with because its quite difficult to buy ham to that quality.

The order was placed with Steve who was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable on the product range.

You certainly portray an exception profession business with quality products which makes it a joy to trade with your company.

Thank you so much.”

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