Ukraine Aid Convoy

Ukraine Aid Convoy

On 4th May 2024 a group of volunteers drove from the UK to Ukraine in 9 vehicles loaded to the roof with the medical aid and supplies with the plan to leave some of the vehicles as well.

Our own Rob Mercer was one of the volunteers undertaking the long drive, as well as going further East to deliver aid and the Mitsubishi L200 he was donating.

MedivactruckstoUkraine is made up of  a group of like-minded friends who have been wondering how most effectively we can provide some small measure of support to the brave people of Ukraine since the Russian full-scale invasion in February 2022. From  small beginnings in November 2022 we have received huge support so that by the end of May 2024 we will have

  • Driven six aid convoys to Ukraine;
  • Raised some £475,000 all of which spent on aid and vehicles;
  • Delivered 31 pickups, an ambulance and an ATV (used to retrieve the wounded and take them to stabilization points)
  • Assisted many medical units and a number of military and civilian hospitals;
  • Collected in the UK and delivered redundant NHS non-pharmaceutical supplies.

Meeting at Folkestone, the whole team had as hitch free pass through customs before making their next stop, Dortmund, that evening.

Day 2 was their longest drive, 589 miles, to reach Gliwice in Southern Poland. 

Day 3 saw them cross over the border into Ukraine, where they were met with smiles and welcomes, genuinely grateful people wherever they went.

Over the next few days, the group experienced air raid sirens, meaning the night spent in the hotels shelter, saw the gravity of the war at the cemetery as well as attending mass and having their vehicles blessed.


The whole experience was both warming and humbling.

You can read the full details here, Rob has written the second half detailing the trip further East to get supplies and vehicles to brigades based out there.

Should you want to get involved or donate, there are two further trips planned, September 2024 and February 2025: Support.

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