We have lived in and been part of the Staffordshire community for four generations. All of us at Packington Free Range have experienced first-hand the benefits of a strong community spirit, so it makes perfect sense to us that we should do what we can to support both our own community, and those a little further afield.

Local Community

Being part of a community is, amongst many other things, fun and we try to celebrate this. Over the years, we’ve hosted ‘Freedom Fest,’ a local festival with sports tournaments, gift and cake stands, Packington Free Range hog roasts, music and dancing. Over the last two festivals, we’ve raised over £22,000 for the British Heart Foundation and the Rainbows Children’s Hospital. We also sponsored the Pig Parade, a fun, creative, charitable auction organised by the Lichfield Festival.


We’re very proud to support many local community groups including the Scouts at our Patshull Park estate, who held their first camp on the estate in 1912, read their full history here.

Following being given notice, when the estate was put up for sale, the Mercer family, who bought the estate in 2020, not only approved a new lease so the Scouts could stay on their historical site, but also gave a financial donation. This meant they could carry out some essential maintenance to the accommodation building, resulting in a new roof, windows, and doors throughout as well as gain funding to create an exciting activity site including crate stacking, gladiator challenge, Jacobs ladder and a zip line. These are now benefited by the wider community as well as the Scouts.


Rob’s worked with young men in Ghana, encouraging, educating and supporting them on their local small holdings to provide safe food for them and their families, as well as creating jobs in their local community.

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