Our mission is to educate and inspire families and children about healthy eating and influence their future shopping habits.

We want to introduce every adult and child to the benefits of great tasting food. Getting children excited about cooking and eating fresh food is one of our primary objectives.
So, by distributing our top-quality produce and easy-to-follow recipes through local primary schools, we hope to inspire both parents and children to cook more homemade, delicious family meals.

  • Market Stall

    We buy the food direct from local farmers, load it up into our refrigerated vans and set up our ‘market-stall’ at several local primary schools on a Friday afternoon during the school term.
    Manned primarily by volunteers, we chat to parents as they choose their produce, offering cooking tips and advice and encourage the children to swap their after-school sweets for a piece of tasty fruit!

  • What is included in a grocery bag?

    Vegetables – 2kg bag of potatoes;
    600g carrots;
    600g onions and another seasonal veg such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc

    Fruit – x4 apples, x4 satsumas or pears and a small bunch of bananas
    Sausages – x8 fresh free-range Packington pork sausages
    Chicken – Packington Free Range chicken drumsticks
    Eggs – half a dozen free-range eggs.
    Recipe – an easy-to-follow recipe that contains at least one of the ingredients on the market-stall.

We currently have a successful partnership with 8 primary schools, 2 community centres and a community kitchen, all within the county of Staffordshire.

Now into our fifth year, we have already supplied over 34,000 grocery bags from our market stalls providing ingredients for families to cook over 450,000 individual healthy meals!

Find out more at www.farmfreshrevolution.com