All our pigs are born outdoors at Packington. Our sows live their whole lives outside with plenty of space to roam, wallow and be sociable. When the piglets are weaned, they are moved into large outdoor paddocks. Here the piglets have the benefit of well bedded, cosy tents, while still being able to run around outside. A happy pig is a healthy pig!

How we rear our pigs

Whilst pregnant (in pig) a sow lives in a paddock. Each has their own individual well-bedded house or “arc”, which is the perfect home for new little piglets – comfortable and safe. The sows are free to wander in and out of their arc at leisure, while their piglets are kept warm and protected from the elements. Once big enough, the piglets can jump out of the arc to play in the grass, and root in the soil as nature intended.

  • Healthy Happy Pigs

    At fourteen weeks of age, our piglets are moved into large, naturally lit sheds, where due to our low stocking numbers, we can ensure the welfare of the pig remains paramount. Once in the sheds, the pigs also have access to a large outdoor run area. Tended by our farmers, the pigs are protected from the elements, with lots of space, natural light and natural ventilation, and deep straw beds.

    During the summer, our generously sized, light and airy sheds allow us to create ventilation flow to keep the pigs cool, or provide shade from the hot sun. Likewise, during the colder months, we can protect them from frost, snow and plummeting temperatures, while still allowing them to play and be sociable outdoors. We ensure our pigs live stress-free, by always providing them with what they need, when they need it.


    Packington pigs are reared to the highest welfare standards and have been well recognised by butchers and the RSPCA Freedom Foods, as the best you can get. With access to plenty of food and clean water, plus the comfort of deep straw and lots of room to stretch and socialise, our pigs develop and mature to produce the delicious meat you’ve come to expect from Packington. It may take longer to produce pigs in this way and cost a little more, but the results are worth it and all our customers agree.