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  • The cockerel was amazing and we will definitely be ordering from you again this year.

    Fiona Coulson

  • We’ve had one of your cockerels the other year which is why we came back for another. The cockerel, the service and the delivery were impeccable (sorry about the pun)!

    John Liminton

  • We are very conventional and don’t do anything fancy with the cockerel – but then it doesn’t need much adding. We just drizzle with oil and roast. As in previous years, it was just perfect – very tender, moist, and flavoursome – whether served hot or cold. The remains were made into soup and curry for freezing, and again proving to be very tasty.

    Janet Matthews

  • I would just like to say how happy we were with our first cockerel!! It was lovely and tasty – plenty big enough – in fact, your generous sizes were excellent. Many thanks for making our Christmas dinner so tasty – we will definitely be ordering direct from you again.

    Mandy Beeby

  • The cockerel was fabulous, much better than turkey. We were impressed with the delivery, presentation and above all the taste. Thanks very much, we will buy again.

    Rod Bird

  • Fabulous flavour, moist, tender, and truly scrumptious. Would like one for Easter! Also, the delivery was prompt and very stress-free. Pigs in blankets were heavenly too!

    Kat Slade

  • The cockerel was fantastic. Really well presented in the box and absolutely delicious. I will definitely be recommending yourselves in the future.

    Jayne Guthrie

  • As usual, the cockerel was fantastic. The packaging is done so carefully and the bird stays in perfect condition for the big day. The quality of the meat is outstanding. It also, once one has scraped the carcass clean, makes a wonderful stock which is now in my freezer.

    Peter de Bolla

  • We were very pleased with our cockerel. It arrived safely and it was packaged very well. The bird cooked really nicely and was absolutely delicious! This was our second Packington bird and we will definitely do it again.

    Sue Richards

  • Thanks for a great product and excellent service!

    Coopers of Belper

  • I have been using both your chickens and pigs now for over a year at The Black Swan. We constantly get compliments on how juicy the breasts are on your chickens and how they are much tastier than others they have tried. Also, the pigs are delicious and the most important thing is the crackling and it is amazing. Would like to thank you for working with us and that we can continue to push your products out to the masses. In my personal opinion, there is not a better chicken reared in this country and I have been cooking for 14 years.

    Gareth Rhodes, The Black Swan

  • Hi, as a child of the 60’s from the countryside of rural south Warwickshire, my diet consisted of free range poultry & cockerel at Christmas often. Since then I have not experienced that flavour until this Christmas when we purchased one of your cockerels from the butcher at Abbots Bromley. I cooked it just simply i.e. well-buttered breast, salt & black pepper with a couple of slices of bacon on the top. To say it was delicious would be an understatement! We ate every bit as it tasted just like the old days & how it should. We will be buying again but not waiting until Christmas. We loved how it was packaged.

    Rose Jones

  • Just wanted to say, THANK YOU for such a fabulous Cockerel, we only eat Free Range chicken (no other type of meat) and this is the best we have eaten for many years.

    It’s always good to know that the animals have had a good life and that the people who rear the animals care. We had the cockerel delivered straight to our door in Glasgow and it was worth every penny.

    Keep up the good work folks!!!

    Marian Rawnsley - Glasgow

  • Thank you so much for the delicious Cockerel. We are so glad we discovered you, as cockerel has been our family traditional Christmas lunch for generations and for the last 3 years or so we haven’t been able to find one anywhere.

    We will certainly be having another one next year. Much nicer than turkey.

    Matthew Cohen

  • I felt I must contact you about the cockerel we had for Christmas. I bought it from my butcher Frank Parker in Nuneaton. The way it was presented in a box was exciting, with the brochure and cooking guide enclosed.

    The taste was like no other cockerel I had ever had, and our Christmas dinner was the best we had tasted.

    Well done, I know that rearing birds to that size is not easy, also maintaining taste.

    We are looking forward to our next cockerel from you.

    Georgina Newby

  • I bought one of your cockerels from my butcher (Wilkinson’s of Bawtry, South Yorkshire) for our Christmas dinner. It was the tastiest bird that we have ever had for Christmas Day (and we always buy free range) Thank you so much – we’ll definitely be having one again.

    Carol Smith

  • We had never eaten a cockerel before but, having purchased one from Cam Family butchers, we were delighted. It was easy to cook and such an excellent flavour. We are converts and hope to try your pork soon.

    Bob Roberts

  • The cockerel was gorgeous – very tender and not at all tough as feared. It went down very well!


  • We bought a Capon via Chase Farm, Four Oaks Sutton Coldfield, their choice of supplier was perfect. The taste and flavour was wonderful. I cooked it in a medium oven and was perfectly cooked in no time at all, with cooking influence from Jamie Oliver and Nigel Slater. I added my own special touches and I have to say a perfectly cooked bird we all enjoyed, tasteful and moist. We look forward to future Christmas meals with your own specially produce poultry.

    Andrew Hardy

  • A superb cockerel – much enjoyed over the festive season. Well done and Happy New Year to the team.

    J Speechley

  • This is the second Christmas we have had one of your capons- this year it was as excellent as the one we had last year. I followed your cooking instructions and the result was lovely and tender, moist meat with lots of flavour- well done.

    It is very good to know the birds are humanely reared, and free range, which was the reason I went for your product originally. I also buy your free range chicken which is also excellent.

    Shelia Spencer

  • I purchased one of your capons and I must say it was the nicest bird we have had. The whole family commented on the flavour and how succulent the meat was. I was also very impressed on how the bird was packaged and presented. Keep up the good work.

    Mrs Mcbride Birmingham

  • We had a cockerel and it was absolutely delicious. Thank you, Packington free Range!

    Rick Hoar

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent chicken supplied to us by yourselves through Cheerbrook which we greatly enjoyed for our Christmas dinner.

    We quite often choose chicken over the more traditional turkey and decided to try your free range offering for the first time and we are delighted we did; one of best chicken’s we’ve had.

    We’ll certainly be buying more Packington produce from Cheerbrook in future.

    Ian Dews and Gemma Day

  • Bought one of your capon’s (cockerels) for Christmas from Stenton Family Butchers in Hammersmith, it was delicious. It is so nice to know there are people like you in our world looking after animals, not like the supermarkets. Keep up the good work.

    Pam Lawley

  • We would like to congratulate you on producing a bird of such excellent quality. The flavour and texture when cooked was outstanding. We always buy a capon (cockerel) for Christmas and this is the first year we have had one from Packington Poultry via W. Archer & Son, Queens Road, Leicester. We will make sure to insist on your poultry from now on. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated by all our family.

    Keith Walker

  • I cannot let the season pass without sending you a huge thank you for being able to supply the bird, assuaging the disappointment and frustration trice. The bird cooked beautifully, (I followed your instructions to the letter). The meat was moist and succulent and was greatly enjoyed by all who ate with us on that day. Thank you once again for your prompt and thoughtful action.

    Vicki Walker

  • Just a quick email to thank you for the wonderful Cockerel we had for Christmas.

    Truly delicious! Keep up the good work!

    Maria - Medium Rare

  • The chicken was nicely presented – the sprig of rosemary gave the impression of care for the product (good marketing). This one was extremely well eviscerated – nothing at all to clean out.

    No giblets. As we very seldom use them and their absence meant no allowance had been made for their weight, this pleased us.

    It looked good – the bird was firm, compact with a good leg to breast proportion and had good skin with nice creamy colour. When cooked it carved beautifully, had a very nice texture and good flavour. It was good cold and when finished revealed a small carcass giving a very good meat to bone ratio.

    If this chicken was typical, then Packington’s would, without a doubt, always be our first choice.

    James Heggie

  • We had one of your cockerels for Christmas, for the first time, and it was a revelation. On Christmas Eve, I took the legs off, de-boned them, stuffed them with sausage meat and roasted. Delicious, fiddly but well worth the trouble.

    On Christmas Day, I roasted the crown (herb butter under the skin etc) and it was magnificent. Moist, succulent, full of flavour and absolutely the best bird we’ve ever had! Well done Packington!

    Bought the bird from Barry Fitch (your best ambassador) and it lived up to his expectations! Superb. Will never have anything else for Christmas now.

    Eileen Smith

  • I would like to say thank you for making our Christmas a bit special, we ordered one of your birds through the local farm shop at Londhams Notts and it was beautiful. The taste and everything was first class, the best we have had. Once again thank you for producing something really nice to taste

    Yours Sincerely J A Atkinson, Notts

  • I am so delighted that your chickens are being sold in Borough Market. I travel to Sheffield every month to shop and cook for my mother and get a delicious chicken each time from Chatsworth Farm Shop.

    It has then been a bit galling to come back to London and not get anything half as tasty. So to find such a welcome familiar site at the Ginger Pig Stall this morning is marvellous I can’t wait to cook it! So thanks again for such a wonderful bird, what flavour!

    Sincerely - Carole Shelton, London

  • I first bought one of your chickens from the Farm Shop in Market Harborough, although I thought it was a lot of money for a chicken! It was superb. The best chicken I’ve eaten for over 50 years… no kidding!!

    I purchased another one yesterday from the farm shop and asked them to keep the biggest one for me… WONDERFUL exactly the same excellent flavour and quality. Do not vary whatever you are doing in raising these chickens EVER. Do not cut back on anything they are the very best money can buy. A very appreciative customer

    John Coe

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